The flare visualization toolkit

I found this ActionScript 3 libraries for interactive visualizations on the web and are busy trying to combine it with a Papervision 3D app for Kneipp.

flare visualization toolkit

turn_right1.gif Flare Website

Quote: “Flare is a collection of ActionScript 3 classes for building a wide variety of interactive visualizations. For example, flare can be used to build basic charts, complex animations, network diagrams, treemaps, and more. Flare is written in the ActionScript 3 programming language and can be used to build visualizations that run on the web in the Adobe Flash Player. Flare applications can be built using the free Adobe Flex SDK or Adobe’s Flex Builder IDE. Flare is based on prefuse, a full-featured visualization toolkit written in Java. Flare is open source software licensed under the terms of the BSD license, and can be freely used for both commercial and non-commercial purposes.Take a look at their initial flare demo reel to see some of the visualizations that flare makes it easy to build.

To get up and running with flare, take a look at the Flare Tutorial and the API documentation.”

turn_right1.gif Also check this Prefuse showreel!

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