Ready to conquer new territories!

Once upon a time on a grey and rainy day in Cape Town, ten pirates were about to search for their new office. A mysterious Belgian had told them that inside this office they would find some precious buried treasure.

They couldn’t agree on the perfect plan so they split into small groups, each finding the way in their own special manner: The programmers followed strange numbers on an extra wooden leg that only they could understand. The designers grabbed their drawing boards, hoisted a poster and set sail towards the new office! The project managers had prepared their plan days ago and set off on course. When all the groups arrived at their new office they were puzzled to find the CEO’s, who had left after all of them. How the CEOs had found the way, nobody knows to this day.

And there it was, the magnificent treasure: a large and incredible ping-pong table in the middle of their new fortress. They knew immediately that here work would be even more fun and immediately they started working on their exciting projects.

We’d like to spread the joy that we’re getting out of our new ping-pong table, so go ahead and click on the pong table in the middle of the map. Let the games begin!

              Flash / Actionscript | GSDH

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