We are growing further!

With many new projects happening, it was once again time to expand our team. We welcome Suraj Subrun as a new developer among our midst and are looking forward to a long-lasting relationship.

Born in Zimbabwe and having grown up on the beautiful island of Mauritius, Suraj studied computer science for 2 years in Toronto, Canada and a further 3 years at the University of Cape Town, UCT. With this international background he fits perfectly into our diverse team. Additional bonuses for us are certainly his language skills; he is fluent in French, English and Mauritian Creole.

His passion for programming began early on in life when he started teaching himself several programming languages in order to develop his own computer games.

In his spare time he is a keen soccer player and enjoys hiking up the mountain. Snorkeling is also a big hobby of his, not in Cape Town though, as our water with its steady 12°C is definitely too cold for him – maybe you should just try it wearing a wetsuit next time, dear Suraj.

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