A Cape Town fantasy

We wanted to create some artwork for our studio in Cape Town, so we ordered two big canvases and decided to do some black and white illustrations with a theme relating to the city of Cape Town.
I decided to do two simple representations of both sides of Cape Town, the Sea Point side, and the False Bay side, and incorporate some characters and a few other elements which create a sense of fantasy.

The characters Iook like monsters, but I personified them so they would at the same time seem to have very “human” characteristics. I added elements like glasses, writing pad, bathing shorts, beach ball, telescope etc. to do this. I incorporated a VOC flag onto the ship, which represents the explorers who first discovered Cape Town, and at the same time creates a sense of history.

The canvases were done using paint markers and spray paint, and are both 1,1m x 3,37m in size.

                 Design / Animation | GSDH

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