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Blood packs for Christmas

These festive blood packs are the creation of Korean designer, Lee Ki Seung. Seen at the Helsinki Design Week 2011, these stocking-shaped packs aim to stimulate blood donations as a generous gesture that’s easy to make but could mean the … Continue reading »

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WhatFont bookmarklet – quickly see the names of the fonts used on a webpage

If you often find yourself searching through Firebug or Webkit Inspector to find out which fonts are used on web pages, consider installing the Whatfont bookmarklet. With this handy script by Chengyin Liu, you can simply roll over the text … Continue reading »

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Adobe Muse Beta

In the wake of Adobe Edge, I’ve checked out another beta offering from Adobe, this time Muse (code name).
The aim of this product is to “create websites as easily as you create layouts for print. You can design and publish … Continue reading »

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Do schools kill our creativity?

Sir Ken Robinson, a noted British creativity expert, challenges the way we educate ourselves in his February 2006 TED Speech.
He recognizes that formal education is almost universally focused on subjects like language and math with creativity taking a back seat … Continue reading »

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The next time you receive a flattened design from a client with no idea which font face is being used, head on over to WhatTheFont on
This page allows you to upload, analyze and identify fonts used on images – … Continue reading »

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