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How To Guide: Coherent Online Content

What is your brand about?
Are you the flashiest new app on the market, or are you a freelance developer? Maybe you’re trying to set up shop, and wing it at e-commerce.
Whatever you are, and whatever you represent, that’s the message … Continue reading »

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A blog not on HTML web design!

We Germans hey – we like to work!
But because we’re a boutique agency, we’re all pretty close as a team.
So on days like today, on days of a colleague’s last day and the fact that it is Valentines Day, we … Continue reading »

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Welcome to the age of Social CRM

This is a summary of a research by Carolyn Heller Baird and Gautam Parasnis on The graph is taken from Chess Media.
A different way of thinking about customer relationship management has arrived that focuses on using social media to enhance … Continue reading »

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BOS wins GOLD at the New York Smarties Awards 2012

Err… it’s not brand-new news, but – although we’re just soooo busy at the moment – we want to give credit where credit is due. Our new client BOS has won a GOLD award at the New York Smarties Awards … Continue reading »

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We augment BOS’s reality

There‘s something brewing… More to the point, there’s something brewing in the BOS Ice Tea pot. We are working on an exciting new project for BOS – a fresh South African ice tea brand. BOS takes organically grown Rooibos and … Continue reading »

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English spleens – from Scotland and the Black Forest

After mocking the logos of the Super Rugby franchises I again dare to leave the fields of my own profession as a copywriter and comment on graphic and web design. While searching for some new exciting types of Gin to … Continue reading »

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Prefer bears to Nigerians?

Many brands struggle in the age of the social web the internet has become. All the more if you happen to be an oil giant.
I stumbled upon this Greenpeace online campaign called Arcticready. It’ll probably be down by the time … Continue reading »

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Er, huh? Sorry, I’ve forgotten. But it was good.

A good way to convince people about some topic is always to let them experience the thing or, at least, simulate it for them. It works especially well online since you can design things so well interactively. In this case … Continue reading »

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Social Media stress? What’s that supposed to mean?

I don’t know what these guys are talking singing about. When we do social media, it is never stress, but fun.

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Facebook’s grim future on mobile

Last week Facebook announced that their ARPU (average revenue per user) has been declining in the current quarter. Facebook said that this trend is being driven by the growth in its usage on mobile platforms and its inability to monetize … Continue reading »

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