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A special website with something special inside

There’s something special inside Hansa Pilsener: the Saaz hop. It’s the world’s most expensive hop, nothing you place just somewhere. The South African beer giant called us to build a worthy shrine for its precious. And we delivered: has all … Continue reading »

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„HIDE THE HOP“, our new game for Hansa Pilsener is a clear statement. We did it all in html5. Not that we did just everything in html5 now, only because everyone believes flash is dead and html5 the Philospoher‘s golden … Continue reading »

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Google Drive – my list of wishes

There’s one thing that is missing in the whole buzz about the upcoming launch of Google Drive in my opinion: my opinion. And that is as follows:
Normally I just throw all my files into my dropbox and contribute to my … Continue reading »

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5 interesting facts about the use of mobile in South Africa can be found in this info graphic by InMobi …

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Facebook infographics – figures and facts 2012

The guys from are updating their Facebook infographics, which focuses mainly on facts and figures about Facebook in Germany, on a regularly basis.
Here is the latest version:

(Click image to enlarge)

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Eye-tracking study for social media profiles

What do people like employers, friends and your dates see, when they glance at your social media profile? Mashable commissioned EyeTrackShop to find out which areas of a social media online profile are being glanced most often. Twelve social media … Continue reading »

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Twitter – Figures and Facts

Twitter grows and grows! The idea of the social platform has been born only five years ago. Since then, Twitter has established itself to one of the most popular communication channels in the online sector. Not only for individual persons … Continue reading »

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“The Anatomy of a Fan” – Facebook Infographic

We have discovered a pretty interesting info-graphic which we don’t want to hide, of course. The graphic “The Anatomy of a Fan”, made by Moontoast, shows several levels of development of a fan. It also shows the difference between the … Continue reading »

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Social Media Jungle 2011

For anybody who needs help to find their way in the social media jungle out there. This is a funny tool provided by Guy Kawasaki: The social network decision tree.
Try it out to see which social media platform best fits … Continue reading »

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Social Media: Companies don’t tap the full potential

About 70 percent of the companies are using social media for their corporate communication in German-speaking countries. However, most of the companies don’t tap the full potential of social media. You might have known that already. A 65 pages long … Continue reading »

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