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GSDH is doing something good @TBDAfrica

We at GSDH are not always caught up in HTML, web design, animations and all that other fun stuff. Once in a while we also find the time to do something good!
It is getting colder, rain graces us with its … Continue reading »


Animatronics made by John Nolan

John Nolan is an expert in the field of special effects and animatronics – which this Showreel makes very clear right from the beginning (movies for which he has built various robots and effects include: Where The Wild Things … Continue reading »

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3D Animation for Philips iCT Scanner

In medical technology; Computed Tomography has been one of the most important medical innovations in recent years. Now Philips presents their brand new improved medical scanner.
The PHILIPS iCT creates a complete scan of an organ within the space of two … Continue reading »

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Cool animation class found: TweenFilterLite

TweenFilterLite (AS3 Version) – Easily Tween Filters & Image Effects

I found a new Tweenig Class called “TweenFilterLite” as i searched for a way to animate TextField.
Till now i used the Tweener Class which can be found at the GoogleCode page. … Continue reading »

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