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GSDH goes property with Immowelt

The GSDH Creative Agency is excited about the upcoming cooperation with Immowelt AG! With more than 960 000 listed properties, Immowelt is one of the biggest online portals for properties in Germany. Whether a family dream house, a … Continue reading »

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Our Oceans – you’ve never seen them like this before!

Mysterious and thrilling, the barely discovered deep seas. Despite all the study of the oceans that has been done, there is still a lot to be discovered down here – for example, did you know that the heart of … Continue reading »

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Check out the first balloon race online

Very nice Flash site. Choose your ballo and join the race…

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Cam-Trax – tracking objects in real time

Check out CamSpace a software agent that can track objects in real-time using any standard webcam! The software will be for free any anybody can develop games for it and share them over the internet. Time to play…

Developed … Continue reading »

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Flash 9 Sound Spectrum

Found this great little example on manipulating sound data with Flash 9. This makes it a whole lot easier for Flashdevelopers to manipulate sound in Flash. I see some very interesting projects being created with this in future.

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The flare visualization toolkit

I found this ActionScript 3 libraries for interactive visualizations on the web and are busy trying to combine it with a Papervision 3D app for Kneipp.

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Charles : Web Debugging Proxy

Charles : Web Debugging Proxy | HTTP Monitor | HTTP Proxy | HTTPS/SSL Proxy | Reverse Proxy
Charles is an HTTP proxy / HTTP monitor / Reverse Proxy that enables a developer to view all of the HTTP traffic between their … Continue reading »

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Webdesign für HVB Zmas

Für Berger Baader Hermes haben wir ein Weihnachtsgewinnspiel realisiert. Webdesign und Konzeption kam von BBH, Flashprogrammierung, Animation und Anbindung ans Backend von uns.

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Hello World, hello Cape Town, hello Munich, hello GSDH Werbeagentur

Yet another blog… this time it’s GSDH Werbeagentur

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