SwitchOn(Training) provides the world with excellent Flash programmers

Flash Programmierung

Good Flash programmers are not easy to find, with many companies scrambling to find their own Actionscript virtuosos. This makes us even happier about the first-rate talents that we have secured in our team. As one can never be 100% prepared for what the future holds, we are always watching out for fresh talents in this field.

We have kept SwitchOn(Training) as our little secret when it comes to sourcing good Flash programmers, but have now decided to let the world know about this excellent establishment! SwitchOn(Training) is a Flash and Actionscript school in Cape Town that is dedicated and passionate about improving the quality of Flash training in the local Flash community.

As we are located in Cape Town, it has always been easy to convince programmers from around the world to move here to be part of our dynamic team. That said, we really do appreciate the local development and are looking forward to seeing many talented graduates!

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