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The PHILIPS Turtle Race

Following wild camels of the orient, Philips Healthcare now sends 45 high performance turtles, dressed in pugnacious athletes’ outfits, into the race. As with the successful Camel Race in 2009 the turtle race also displays the sales of the sales … Continue reading »

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3D Animation for Philips iCT Scanner

In medical technology; Computed Tomography has been one of the most important medical innovations in recent years. Now Philips presents their brand new improved medical scanner.
The PHILIPS iCT creates a complete scan of an organ within the space of two … Continue reading »

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PHILIPS Healthcare Microsite

GSDH was approached by PHILIPS Healthcare for a new internet presence for the 90th Roentgen Convention. The large medical convention takes place from the 20th to the 23rd of May and provides advanced training opportunities, workshops and scientific speeches. The … Continue reading »

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Philips Medizin Systeme GmbH (the German division of PHILIPS Healthcare) asked us to design and develop a Flash game for their intranet. The game is a camel race where all sales people race each other based on each person’s daily … Continue reading »

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